BEIMS White Papers

Justifying a CMMS Purchase

February 2011

Justifying a CMMS purchase can be difficult. Despite organisations having millions or billions of dollars worth of physical building assets, systems to maintain these typically receive significantly less funding and attention than ‘front end’ systems such as an organisation’s financial system. Reasons for this may include viewing maintenance as typically a ‘cost’ to the organisation to be minimised rather than as an arm of the organisation that enhances profitability by ensuring assets are fully optimised and maintenance is completed in an efficient and effective manner.

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Selecting and Implementing a CMMS - Testimonial

September 2009

The decision to implement a CMMS is an important one for any organisation. The Bethanie Group (formerly Churches of Christ Homes) is one of the largest aged care providers in Western Australia, operating 15 residential aged care facilities and retirement villages as well as day centres and numerous community programs.

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Building Condition Assessment

March 2008

Many organisations face the challenge of obtaining accurate data on current building and asset conditions. Accurate condition data is essential for lifecycle costing, the scheduling of maintenance
routines, meeting compliance obligations and budgetary submissions. Data provides a solid basis on which to develop plans for future action and acts as a record against which to measure change.

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Australia's Premier Facilities Management Software System

May 2007

Developed specifically for the management and maintenance of buildings and assets, BEIMS offers a comprehensive software solution that allows facility managers to reduce costs, improve service levels and manage their facilities effectively. 

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Risk Management in Facilities Management

May 2003

The whole purpose of Risk Management Plan in Facility Management is to lower the likelihood of accidents or failure events and to minimise the consequences of accidents or failure events. No one can guarantee that equipment will not fail, or that humans will not make mistakes, or that accidents will not happen. But you can put a process in place that when these events do occur that the result will be fail safe or have minimum impact on the operation of the organisation.

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Asset Financials: A case study

September 2002

Does your Computerised Asset Management System (CMMS) meet the needs of both your Facilities Management AND Finance departments? Did you know that a sophisticated CMMS should be able to cater for both areas?

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