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BEIMS is Australia's premier facilities management software

- committing to provide leading solutions to suit your FM needs

Since 1989, BEIMS has been empowering organisations to take control of their facilities and assets and eliminating the need to handle requests on the fly. Developed specifically for the management and maintenance of buildings and assets, BEIMS allows facility managers to reduce costs, improve service levels and manage their facilities effectively.

BEIMS focuses on providing tailored solutions rather than an off the shelf product. We aim to enhance productivity within your working environment and to ensure your facilities management problems are solved with efficient and effective methods.

The great benefit of BEIMS is that the team provide you with the complete service and ongoing support. The BEIMS Team will help you implement and setup all systems, take you through vigorous training until you and your staff are comfortable, and will provide easy access to continuing advancements and such. You can feel safe knowing that you have made the right choice with BEIMS.

BEIMS is the result of extensive input from experienced maintenance and support staff, Facilities Managers, Finance Managers and Engineers who guided its developed by IT professionals. As a result, BEIMS has extensive functionality linked with 'intuitive ease of use' and 'operator speed' for efficiency. 


The BEIMS Solution


The acronym BEIMS

Ever wondered what BEIMS stands for? Well, it's simple... it is purely an acronym for what BEIMS is!

Building and Engineering Information Management System