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Dear BEIMS User,

For centuries men and women have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer.

So it is with great cheer that we bring you the holiday edition of BEIMS News. Wrapped up in this edition you will find fresh insights into BEIMS through the first of our HowTo guides and our latest developments, the BEIMS Visitor Registration System and pocketBEIMS Remote Request.

Also worthy of great attention is the 2010 BEIMS International User Group Meeting (IUGM). Packages and Schedules for the IUGM have been released, and bookings will commence shortly.

On a final note BEIMS has, on behalf of its clients, donated a gift to those in need through OxFam Unwrapped. Families of ducks, goats, water purifying jars and a reticulated water system were selected as a substitute to sending out printed cards this year. Click here if you would like to know more about the OxFam Unwrapped program.

OxFam Unwrapped

All the very best for a safe and enjoyable season and new year,

The BEIMS Team.


BEIMS 2010 International User Group Meeting

The 4th bi-annual BEIMS International User Group Meeting will be held May 10-14 2010. The week long event will be held at the Angliss Conference Centre (as in 2008) along with other venues such as the Melbourne Aquarium's acclaimed Fishbowl dining room. The 2010 IUGM will consist of a great variety of training sessions, workshops and of course plenty of time to catch up with industry peers.Melbourne Aquarium Fishbowl

Download the 2010 IUGM Guide

In anticipation of the need to make budgetary requests, BEIMS has provided a guide to the available packages and schedule of the 2010 IUGM. All BEIMS users will be notified of how to register when registrations open on January 19, 2010. Be quick to avoid disappointment!


BEIMS is on Track
Recently, BEIMS has been privileged enough to be selected to work with a very exciting and prestigious organisation.

Yas Marina Pit Complex

Earlier last month BEIMS helped the island of Abu-Dhabi and the Yas Marina Circuit hold their first Formula One Grand Prix, the seventeenth and final race of the 2009 calendar. The US$1.3 Billion Arabian version of the glamorous Monaco is based around a marina, and includes a theme park, water park, as well as residential areas, hotels and beaches.

Yas Marina Pit Straight

The circuit is the largest permanent sports venue lighting project in the world, thus relies heavily on BEIMS Material Management System (MMS).


Keeping track of visitors with BEIMS Visitor Registration System
BEIMS Visitor Registration System (VRS) is a web based module that provides an easy way to keep track of visitors and contractors moving throughout a site on a daily basis. The VRS easily captures whether a visitor is onsite, records their details and brings up a list of buildings to see where they will be carrying out work.


Along with Flinders University (SA), BEIMS has given the system a thorough field test. Mark Moses of Flinders University discusses the design, developmental challenges and resulting outcomes of the initial VRS implementation:


"Universities are generally open campuses that have thousands of people moving through them every day. They may be students, staff, members of the general public or a myriad of contractors/consultants coming on campus to carry out specific..
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