Building Condition Assessment software

The Building Condition Assessment Module (BCA) is an exciting new addition to the BEIMS software suite. Many organisations are faced with the challenge of obtaining accurate information on the current condition of buildings and assets for statutory or strategic planning purposes. BEIMS now offers a comprehensive module to assist with the collection of this data for effective planning and strategic asset management. BEIMS Condition Assessment module enables you to accurately record and analyse information associated with a condition assessment.

Information you may wish to obtain:

• What is in the building portfolio?
• What are the existing physical and functional conditions?
• What changes are required to correct existing conditions?
• What will the changes cost (both now and in the future)?
• What are the priorities?
• What information can be used to strengthen funding requests?
• What is the optimal allocation of facilities dollars?
• What metrics/benchmarks/reports can be used to measure success?

By assessing and analysing the condition of the physical infrastructure, clients are better equipped with information that enables them to make accurate estimates of the state of the buildings as they are and assist in forecasting life cycle costs over time.

The Building Condition Assessment module provides a framework for you to gather and analyse this information through BEIMS. As the module is fully integrated with BEIMS, set-up and data sharing are easy and consistent

Several sites have already installed and are using this software successfully. 

For further information please contact:

+61 3 9602 2255
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